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          Super-fine Guanidine Nitrate  
          Cupric nitrate,basic  
          Super-fine cupric oxide  
          Ammonium Nitrate Phase stabilized  
          Guanidine Nitrate  
          Super-fine Calcium Carbonate  
          Calcium Carbonate  
          Super-fine Strontium Nitrate  
          High Purity Antimony Trisulfide  
          10# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  
          12# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  

           Ministry of Commerce  
           Coffer Alibaba  
                  Sanming Coffer Fine Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd is a company specializing in developing and manufacturing new material for air- bag only.
            Sanming coffer is the first enterprise who had succeeded in using SuperTinyGuanidine Nitrate for air-bag only, which is the new product to appointed by the state council and which had been in the line of The nation class lighted torch plan and the national Strategy of Promoting Trade Development through Science and Technology.......
          Engineering and Technology Center for Enterprises of Gas Generating Materials for Automobile Safety Airbag in Fujian   (2014-03-07)
          Being Awarded Two Patents of Utility Models    (2013-08-07)
          A panel of experts from TRW in Germany and IPI in US.    (2013-06-13)
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